Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 V2

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Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 V2
The MX882 is definitely one piece of gear every audio engineer and musician should always have close at hand. This ultra-flexible, little 'life saver' has proven invaluable time and time again in live performances, professional recording studios, CD and digital production facilities, and a variety of other scenarios where the show simply had to go on! The MX882 is ideal for distributing a stereo signal to several outputs (splitter mode); combining multiple signals into a stereo output (mixer mode), or adapting signal levels of signals for a variety of audio applications (buffer amplifier). The ULTRALINK PRO MX882 can perform all of these functions easily and simultaneously it is quite literally, the audio version of a 'Swiss Army Knife'.

Basically, the MX882 consists of 6 mono channels, which can be used either as a splitter or as a mixer. For instance, a stereo program source can be connected via the Main Inputs, and then routed to any of the mono channels set to Split mode. For our example, we'll use Channel 1 with the Split/Mix switch in the out (Split) position. Adjust the Channel 1 Balance/Pan control to set how much of the Left and Right Main Input signal is routed to the Channel 1 mono Output XLR. And you can do the same thing with all 6 of the MX882 channels. In Mix mode, the input signals from any, or all, of the MX882's 6 channels can be mixed to the stereo Main Output, with their individual Balance/Pan controls determining the signals placement within the stereo image (Pan). It is advantageous that when operating in Mix mode, the stereo Main Input signal is automatically sent to the Main Outputs allowing you to combine a total of up to 8 individual signals. The mono Input signals are still sent to their mono outputs, which means each channel can also be used as an individual matching amplifier. The Level controls for the corresponding channels enable the user to adapt the levels at will, with a maximum gain of +15 dB. Levels used in home-recording can easily be converted into studio levels (+4 dBu), and vice versa.

As we mentioned above, the ULTRALINK PRO MX882 is one of the most flexible systems of its type. Below are just a few of the applications the multitasking MX882 can accommodate: Keyboard or drum submixer Distribution amplifier for PA systems, dance clubs, theatres, churches, hotels, communication systems, etc. Add-on module for mixer channels Add-on module for FX and monitor paths Level translator from -10 dBV to +4 dBu, or vice versa.

As you can see, the incredibly-flexible MX882 is one hand piece of gear and just might save your next gig or recording session. At its ultra-affordable price tag, you?ll want 2 or 3 for your studio, and a couple more for your live rack.
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Suppliers Ref 000-CCU04-00010
  • Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 V2
  • Ultra-low noise 8 in/2 out line mixer and 2 in/8 out line splitter
  • Each channel can operate independently in mixer or splitter mode
  • Usable as 6 in/6 out level matching amplifier or direct injection box
  • Converts levels between -10 dBV and +4 dBu
  • Extremely wide bandwidth from 5 Hz to 200 kHz for highest signal integrity
  • 6 mono in, 6 mono out, 2 main inputs and 2 outputs
  • 4/8-segment input/output level meters for all channels
  • Internal switch-mode power supply (100 - 240 V)
Product Features
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  • Depth (mm) 149
  • Gross Weight (Packaged) (kg) 2.2
  • Gross weight outer carton (kg) 18.5
  • Height (mm) 44
  • Inner box quantity 0
  • Item priced per 1
  • Net weight (kg) 1.7
  • Outer box (HxWxD mm) 550x262x558
  • Outer box quantity 5
  • Transport dimensions (mm) 246x106x524
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  • Paper weight (kg) 0.5
  • Product Dimensions (mm) 44x483x149
  • Product EAN 4033653071222
  • Supplier Ref. 000-CCU04-00010
  • Width (mm) 483
  • Colour Silver/Black
  • Frequency Response (Hz) 10 H z to130 k Hz, +/- 3dB
  • THD 0.003% typical @ +4 dBu,unity gain
  • Connector XLR and ? \" TRS Input & Output
  • Connector Type Input - R F-filtered, servo-balancedinput Output -Electronically servo-balanced output stage
  • Input Impedance 4 0 k ohm balanced,20 k ohm unbalanced
  • Output Impedance 100 Ohm balanced & unbalanced
  • Packaged dimensions (HxWxD mm) 246x106x524
  • Gross Weight (Packaged) (kg) 2.2
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