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  1. Plastic Plate Guard (23-28cm)

    The Plastic Plate Guard is a particularly useful dining aid for one-handed users or those with limited dexterity.
    £1.80 £1.50
  2. Jar and Bottle Opener

    The 2 in 1 jar and bottle opener with ergonomically-designed handle enables you to turn and to open any caps easily and is dishwasher safe.
    £5.66 £4.72
  3. Aidapt Universal Knob Turner

    This easy-to-use kitchen aid has been designed to help turn dials on washing machines,cookers and microwaves and is also ideal for turning door knobs; ideal for users with a weakened grip or limited dexterity. The flexible Universal Jar and Bottle Opener features a shaped rubber trim for a strong grip on the lid, and a comfortable grooved outer edge for you to hold, squeeze and twist more easily.
    £2.18 £1.82
  4. Dycem Non Slip Rolls (Size Size: 200x2000 mm (8x80"))

    The Dycem non-slip material is malleable so it can easily be moulded or wrapped around objects to improve grip.
    £24.64 £20.53
  5. Tap Turners (Pack of 2)

    An innovative design to make the operation of standard kitchen and bathroom taps easier for those with limited hand use.
    £23.46 £19.55
  6. Stabiliser Base for Kettle Tipper

    The base provides additional support and security for tall teapots and electric kettles when used with the Kettle Tipper.
    £18.04 £15.03
  7. Safe Tipper

    The Safe Tipper allows the safe and steady pouring of hot liquids without lifting any weight. This invaluable kitchen aid will accommodate most types of teapot or electric kettle and is supplied with a Velcro strap for added security.
    £31.46 £26.22
  8. Preparation Board

    The Food Preparation Board is held in place by its curved lip resting against the work surface and with integrated non-slip feet.
    £9.07 £7.56
  9. New Spill Not

    An ingenious Jar and Bottle Opener featuring three different sized rubberised holders for jars and bottles.
    £14.57 £12.14
    Out of stock
  10. One way Drinking Straw

    The One-Way Drinking Straw features a one-way valve which stays filled with liquid even after removing the straw from the lips.
    £2.62 £2.18
  11. Aidapt Straw Clips for holding straws in place on your cup/mug

    The Straw Clips can be attached to the Sure Grip Mug and virtually any glass/cup to hold your straw in place securely.
    £5.14 £4.28
  12. Cup Holder

    The Cup Holder has two large handles for better control and to reduce the chance of spillage.
    £3.38 £2.82
    Out of stock
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