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  1. Bell White 801PS Deluxe Door Entry Handset

    Deluxe handset for use with most bell products. The unit features heavy duty ABS plastic design and lock release button positioned under the handset to prevent accidental operation, mute switch and privacy function. Boxed.
    £31.70 £26.42
    Out of stock
  2. Bell White 801 Standard Door Entry Handset

    Standard door entry handset found in most Bell door entry kits. Boxed. Handset only.
    £18.61 £15.51
  3. Bell 5077 Exit Button for 901 Series

    A white door release/exit button for the 901 Bell Door Entry System.
    £38.88 £32.40
  4. Bell Aluminium M206 THDL Failsafe Electric Lock Release

    As P662F, but designed for FAILSAFE application, i.e. in the event of a power failure the release is left in the open position. Since the lock release is open when the power is off, it requires a continuous supply voltage for it to remain locked as an interruption to the supply voltage releases the mechanism.
    £29.12 £24.27
  5. Bell Black M719S Multi-door Switching Unit

    This unit allows the operation of a door entry system from two entrances. Several units may be combined to extend operation up to a maximum of eight entrances. Boxed.
    £175.19 £145.99
    Out of stock
  6. Bell Black M61 Speech Module

    Provides full duplex speech and is extremely compact due to the use of an electret microphone. This reduced size allows for smaller front door panels (up to 10 push buttons). The totally encapsulated unit is weather resistant. For use with the current range of bell products.
    £44.40 £37.00
  7. Bell Black M51 THK Replacement Speech Module

    Replacement speech model for use with all M51 (THK) older models (square buttons and separate name) door entry systems to provide full duplex speech between the front door panel and the telephone. Totally encapsulated unit houses weather resistant plastic cone loud speakers and amplifier circuits.
    £58.80 £49.00
  8. Bell Aluminium 210 THDL 12V Electric Lock Release

    This lock release is supplied as the standard unit with all Eagle door entry and access control systems. There are two mounting plates supplied, one designed to match surface mounted night latch locks (e.g. Union 1028) on inward opening doors, and one suitable for morticed night latch locks (e.g. Union 2332) on inward opening doors.
    £17.42 £14.52
  9. Bell AC/DC Time clock

    Bell multi-program time clock enabling the timed activation of tradesman's buttons, etc.
    £42.07 £35.06
  10. Bell White FB31 Flashing Beacon with Timer

    This unit works with most Bell door entry products and gives visual indication of a call at the door entry telephone. The unit is ideal for the hard of hearing or for areas of high background noise. The beacon includes a timer circuit that can be set between 4 and 20 seconds.
    £74.88 £62.40
  11. Bell M300T 12 VAC Replacement Transformer

    Replacement 12 Volt AC transformer for use with standard and vandal resistant door entry systems.
    £14.64 £12.20
  12. Bell RT27 Extension Tone for AC/DC Handset

    These units extend the call tone of a door entry telephone to other areas of the premises to improve audibility. The unit is fabricated in white ABS plastic and can be wall mounted in a convenient indoor location. Model RT27 is for extensions to the standard 801 telephones.
    £20.27 £16.89
    Out of stock
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