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  1. Cheetah Twin Ball 4 Inch LED Mirror Ball Light Effect

    Cheetah Twin 4 Inch (105 mm) LED Mirror Ball Light Effect
    £18.61 £15.51
    Out of stock
  2. 6 Inch Free Standing Rotating Mirror Ball Kit

    Cheetah free standing rotating mirror ball with rotator. The product features a 6 inch mirror ball on an integrated, free standing black base featuring built-in LEDS and power supply. The product can rotate in both directions.
    £13.04 £10.87
  3. Cheetah 8 Inch Mirror Ball Kit

    Cheetah mirror ball kit featuring an 8 inch mirror ball, ceiling mounted motor with battery operation and 15 cm chain. The rotator contains 18 multi-coloured LEDs to illuminate the mirror ball.
    £14.11 £11.76
    Out of stock
  4. 8" Free Standing Mirror Ball

    8" Free standing mirror ball kit which reflects patterns of light onto walls and ceilings in darkened rooms. Ideal for parties/bedrooms, etc.. Includes a 12 V mains adaptor.
    £13.30 £11.08
    Out of stock
  5. Funki Party Set Containing Mini Disco Lights

    Battery operated party set including a mini disco ball, mini blue fuzz light and mini mirror ball with built-in rotator. All units require 3 X AA batteries (not included).
    £9.64 £8.03
  6. 8 Inch Mirror Ball Party Set

    The kit features 8" mirror ball with built-in rotator, spot light, 4 coloured filters and PSU.
    £23.18 £19.32
    Out of stock
  7. 6 Inch Mirror Ball Party Set

    Cheetah Mirror Ball Party set featuring a professional 6" mirror ball with highly polished mirror facets, battery operated mirror ball motor (batteries not supplied), easy mount mini-spot light with PSU, and 4 coloured filters.
    £15.78 £13.15
    Out of stock
  8. FXLAB 6 Inch Free Standing or Ceiling Mounted Mirror Ball Kit

    A free standing 6 inch (155 mm) mirror ball which can provide a disco atmosphere to parties, barbecues, dances, etc.. Made from lightweight materials and covered with polished mirror glass facets this item can be used either free standing or ceiling mounted.
    £13.91 £11.59
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